How to Follow Your Dreams by Making Time for Them

by Stephen Mills on January 21, 2009

You cannot possibly escape the rat race and follow your dreams, unless you make time available to actually do those things necessary to achieve your dream life.  This seems obvious, but most people are so busy running the rat race that they don’t have time to even think about how to do anything else.  I was one of those people. 


1440 minutes

That’s how many minutes you have every day.  No matter what you do you will never add 1 single minute to that number.  Every minute that ticks by is lost forever.  You cannot go back.  What are you doing with your precious minutes?  They are the most valuable resource you have now or will ever have.  Don’t waste another minute. 

Evaluate everything you do and make sure you are doing things that take you closer to your dreams.  If not then eliminate that activity and replace it with something that does.

Time is Life

I started treating my minutes with the respect they deserve the day the following thought hit me in the face like a ton of bricks.  It occurred to me that my time is actually my life.  I realized I was not wasting "time".  I was wasting my life.  It’s a depressing thought, but the most powerful motivator I have ever used to stop doing useless life-wasting activities.

What can you do?

Here are several significant things you can do right now.  There are many more and I will cover some of them in detail in separate articles.

  1. Each day set aside a small amount of time to come up with more ways to free even more time.
  2. Stop Watching TV Immediately – I shudder to think how much of my life has been wasted in front of this electronic junk box.  I watch a couple of of sitcoms and that is it.  The laughter I experience is good for me.  If you have the will power, reduce your watching time 80% starting today.  IF you want to truly succeed, every minute you spend not watching TV is a minute added to the time you can allocate to getting what you want.  If you are unable to take such a dramatic cold-turkey step then reduce it 30 minutes daily for one week.  Then another 30 the next week.  And so on until you are down to 30 minutes or less each day.
  3. Cut Down Your Working Day – Make a commitment to 10 hours or less at the office each day.  Be bold and go for 8, 6, or even 4 if you can get away with it.  If your work isn’t your ultimate dream, then what are you gaining by putting in 12, 15, or 16 hour days?  Think about it.  I finally did.
  4. Stop listening, watching, or reading the news media.  It’s interesting sometimes but it too is mostly junk.  Even if it is not, is it more important than an activity that will take you closer to your dream?  I would guess not unless reading the news media is somehow directly related to what you want to do.  Remember you only have 1440 minutes  Your goal is to spend your time doing those things that are are most valuable, not everything that has some value.

If you start doing these 4 simple steps you will be absolutely amazed at how much time suddenly becomes available.

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Christa October 9, 2009 at 7:26 am

I so many times in my life did not make time for what I really wanted. Later it often is too late.


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