How To Be Rich and Happy

by Stephen Mills on November 14, 2009

How To Be Rich and Happy How To Be Rich and Happy is the title of a new book by John P. Strelecky and Tim Brownson.  That is rather a bold claim to be made by any book and I have to admit I started reading it with more than a little skepticism.

The authors define Rich and Happy as the ability to do whatever you want, whenever you want.  Once again, I see that as a rather bold claim and it sets up a lot of expectations for the book.  Did the book meet those expectations?  In a word, no.  My credibility means a lot to me so I’m not going to say something I don’t believe.  If you assume that means this is a negative review, you would be very mistaken.

I thought this was an excellent book and I recommend it to my readers.  However, I don’t think this book reveals the secret formula to having whatever you want whenever you want it.  That’s just too high of a hurdle for anybody to clear.  But having said that, there is no reason why you should hesitate to buy it.  In my opinion, no book is ever going to do that.  I’m not going to give an obviously false gushing review in order to get a couple of affiliate clicks.  My credibility means something to me and I don’t recommend anything lightly.

I do think the book provides an excellent toolset to give you a lot more of what you want a lot more often than you are getting now.  I read the book all the way through in one sitting even doing the exercises.  I don’t recommend you do that and I’m sure the authors don’t either.  I originally read about 40 pages and then put it down for a few weeks.  Then I came back to it and started over and read it all the way through.  How To Be Rich and Happy started slow for me.  It got interesting in the middle and then finished with a wonderful flourish.  Not often will I read something this long (218 pages) all the way through.  This one kept my interest.  I will be putting it’s ideas to use.

I’ve read a lot of personal development books.  A select few were life-changing and a couple of those I read when I was a teenager decades ago.  Over the years some of these books were WOW type books because they opened my eyes up to something entirely new and amazing.  Many of them were interesting and taught me something I didn’t know before, or gave me a new perspective on something I had previously encountered.  Some of them were just mind-numbing repetition of the same old stuff.

This book was not life-changing for me nor was it a WOW book.  I say that because very little in it was entirely new.  I might have said something different 10 years ago, but that was then and this is now.  There were a couple of exercises or concepts that were new and interesting, but most of them were things I had encountered in various contexts before.  The authors readily admit this about their book right up front.  I loved the Rich and Happy Matrix concept though.  I’m going to hang that one up at my desk.  The Rich and Happy Return was clever.

The fact that I found it interesting enough to read all the way through in one sitting says a great deal about it to me.  The authors should agree since they spend a fair number of pages talking about the importance of the feeling you get from your unconscious mind.  I got a good feeling.

In analyzing the book more objectively I would say that it organizes a number of highly effective concepts and techniques into a common thread that builds throughout. Many books talk conceptually about various ideas without a coherent way to put them into practice.  How To Be Rich and Happy is a very practical book and it’s ideas are amazingly simple and straightforward.  The concepts are explained in an very clear and focused manner.  This book was very well done, make no mistake about that.  The authors show you how to easily put it into practice.  I say “easily” in a conceptual context.  There is nothing complicated about this stuff.  But like everything else you actually have to act.  This is not The Secret.  You can’t attract your wonderful life by sitting around wishing it to be so.

You can’t lose with this book.  You get a unbelievable one-year money back guarantee.  If you buy this and don’t value it simply ask for your money back.  I know Tim and I’m sure he will give you your money back.  If he doesn’t I will.

I’m sure Tim was hoping I would say his book was life-changing.  It may be for you but I can’t know that it will be.  Even if it didn’t have that incredible guarantee, I would not hesitate to highly recommend it.  As it does, the worst thing that can happen is that you spend a few hours on something you think is worthless, you start thinking I suck, and you ask for a refund.  You can always watch some mind-numbing TV for a few hours for the same $0 cost.  I can guarantee that won’t be life changing.  Maybe, just maybe for you, How To Be Rich and Happy will be that life-changing or WOW book.  Or maybe it will just be a nice no-risk investment in a little better life.

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Positively Present November 14, 2009 at 8:13 pm

Sounds like a great book. Thanks for the review!
.-= Positively Present´s last blog ..from fearful to fortunate: do what you don’t want to =-.


Mark November 14, 2009 at 9:36 pm

I read this review, and despite the recommendation, the overall tone wasn’t particularly positive. Thing is, I’ve got the book. This is what I think… Like Stephen, I’ve also read a lot of similar books over the years. Many concepts in HTBRH weren’t particularly new to me either. But was this book does do very well is provide you with a solid toolkit of practical exercises that will help you move your life in the direction you want. Better than that, it’s inspirational and motivational – because that’s the thing… you need to DO this stuff, and to do it, you need to be motivated. This book motivated me. I’ve read the whole thing, and enjoyed it, and I’m half way through the exercises. I feel good, like I’m doing something useful and positive. I recommend the book and fully trust the money-bach guarantee. There’s no risk involved, so give it a go… it might just be the best thing you do today.


Tim Brownson November 14, 2009 at 10:20 pm

Firstly, let me thank Stephen for the review, I really appreciate it. When I sent him the book I knew he would be nothing less than completely honest and I was 100% ok with that.

@ Mark – To be fair, I think it’s difficult to say that without seeing body language and voice intonation. Anyway, it’s honest and I actually agree with many of the points. Having said that, thanks a lot for your support, I also appreciate that.

10 years ago I read Awaken The Giant Within and though it twas life changing. Today if I read something similar I would be “yeh, whatever”

Stephen has read a shed load of books like this and as such will have been exposed to much of the material in some way shape or form. Most people wont have though.

A couple of things I’d like to add. We’re staritng teleseminars next month that will be free to help guide people that are reading the book. We know some of the stuff is easy to skip past and we want to build up a long term win/win relationship with people that buy it.

And of course our refunds are no quibble. I had 1 guy request his money back the day after buying it (obviously a scam!) and another about a week after and both we have refunded in full.

Thanks again man!
.-= Tim Brownson´s last blog ..What Is The Sedona Method? =-.


Ideas With A Kick November 15, 2009 at 7:11 am

Funny, I read by mistake “How to be Happy and Rich”. 🙂 My mind must of gotten used to a certain way of seeing these things and the causal relation between them. I like the definition of Rich and Happy. It’s something else and it makes more sense to me.

.-= Ideas With A Kick´s last blog ..Q: How do I look? A: Like everybody else =-.


Tim Brownson November 15, 2009 at 7:16 pm

@ Stephen – I think you have done something really interesting with this review that I have never thought of before.

I went back and read your post after Mark left his comment. As I was reading, I was thinking, there is way more positive stuff than negative, yet get Mark obviously didn’t see it that way.

Here’s what I think happened and I’d love your take. I think the opening paragraph or so anchored him to the thought that you weren’t that bothered about the book, a little like a car purchaser gets anchored to the ticket price on the windshield.

From then on it would have been almost impossible for him to break that anchor as he looked for stuff to back up what he thought.

It’s not a knock on Mark whatsoever, we can all get caught like that, and I’m not totally sure I’m right, but it’s an interesting idea. To me anyway 😉


Mark November 15, 2009 at 7:53 pm

@Tim – you could well be right, because there are a lot of recommendations for the book throughout. I think the recommendations often come in the form of… ‘just because I said x doesn’t mean I’m suggesting y’. Maybe because of this format – i.e. frequent qualifiers – I got the impression that there wasn’t much ‘enthusiasm’ for the book: it was more that than negativity. @Stephen – in hindsight, my comments and tweet probably appeared critical of your review, which wasn’t intentional, and for which I apologise. It was well written and honest, both things I appreciate. What I was hoping to achieve was to back up your conclusions with a a bit of the afore-mentioned enthusiasm… just for balance.


Steven November 15, 2009 at 10:25 pm

Wow, thank you Stephen for this blunt and honest review. It’s ultimately beneficial to the readers and Tim himself.

So this review basically says that Stephen does enjoy the book, but it isn’t revolutionary for him, because he’s had much experience with personal development books. However, he does like the aspect of its practicality.

I think I might look more into it, I’m tired of books going over the same concept again and again without much straight forward message to it.

Thanks Stephen for the review, and thanks John & Tim for the book.

.-= Steven´s last blog ..Comic Lesson #5 : Don’t Be Too Lazy With Your Life =-.


Trey - Swollen Thumb Entertainment November 16, 2009 at 12:42 am

I do agree with Mark that the tone of this review doesn’t come across as overly positive. I suppose that when you’ve read a lot of self improvement books, that it’s difficult to approach the subject in a new way. After all, most good self improvement advice is very similar in nature, because there’s not that many effective ways to change your life. Usually, it just boils down to a tenacious attitude towards bettering yourself, and not looking for a quick fix.

There is, however, a LOT of advice of there that follows that concept, and if this book helps to organize a lot of it together in a cohesive way, then that deserves a lot of praise in my book. I might give this book a try. Is it in distribution, or do I have to use the website to purchase?
.-= Trey – Swollen Thumb Entertainment´s last blog ..Treat Your Career Like You Would A Child =-.


Tim Brownson November 16, 2009 at 4:45 pm

Stephen, hope you don’t mind, but this inspired me to write a post about anchoring.

Love your take at
.-= Tim Brownson´s last blog ..Are First Impressions Important? =-.


Karlil November 16, 2009 at 10:05 pm

Hey Stephen. Great book review. I have come across a couple of review for the book. It’s generally positive. But what I really like about your review is that you don’t sound promotional at all. I mean AT ALL.
.-= Karlil´s last blog ..A Simple Guide To Grow And Improve =-.


Nea | Self Improvement Saga November 16, 2009 at 10:21 pm

Thanks for giving your honest opinion. No, the tone isn’t positive; but the important thing is that you let us all know how you really feel about it.
.-= Nea | Self Improvement Saga´s last blog ..Positive News Stories – A Welcome Change =-.


Lori November 16, 2009 at 10:50 pm

Hi Stephen!

I just read both this review, and Tim’s post that you inspired. After the novel I left in the comments over there, I’m inclined to keep this one brief.

Although I can understand how this may seem like a negative review at first, I actually think it gets readers excited, while giving them realistic expectations. I appreciate and applaud that!

.-= Lori´s last blog ..Truly Amazing Story: The Lost Taxi Driver =-.


Lana-DreamFollowers Blog November 16, 2009 at 11:35 pm

I agree – great and honest review with no hype, that actually made me interested in the book. I think practical information/toolkit is what is missing from lots of personal development products and what many people need to actually apply what they learned.
.-= Lana-DreamFollowers Blog´s last blog ..How To Stop Making Decisions Based On Fear =-.


BunnygotBlog November 17, 2009 at 2:48 pm

Hello Gentlemen,

Every now and again, an author (or authors), writes something in a different prospective and the message is more clear to the readers or the advice is better serving.
I like respect Stephan’s review on this book and we buy it.
.-= BunnygotBlog´s last blog ..Child Of The Cold War =-.


Walter November 17, 2009 at 8:24 pm

Everyone has his/her story. Keep an empty cup, life is all lessons. 🙂


Dragos Roua November 18, 2009 at 4:00 am

That was a great review. If there will be somebody at some point who will teach you how to write reviews (for products you get to review as a blogger), I think he should start by giving this as an example. I think Stephen did a great job in raising interest about the book, which is something far more difficult than just throwing away buying incentives as 90% of the book reviews are doing. Making people curious is what makes them act (in this case, the act will be to buy something). You can’t really get people to act if you just set some expectations without scratching a little their curiosity.

Chapeau, Stephen 🙂
.-= Dragos Roua´s last blog ..33 Questions For An Interview With Yourself =-.


lucnypes November 19, 2009 at 9:16 am

It’s a pity the picture on the cover is probably from a catalogue. I’ve seen it for example here (not my site):

Anyways, I’ve read several reviews on the book and none of them were negative… probably will buy it from someone who is not satisfied.
.-= lucnypes´s last blog ..lucnypes: Music for listening: Cocteau Twins – BBC Sessions =-.


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