Escape the Rat Race by Reducing Your Commitments

by Stephen Mills on January 23, 2009

Free From the Rat Race Trap

Free From the Rat Race Trap

Another important way to make time for your dreams is to reduce your commitments.  You don’t have to eliminate them and you can still volunteer, help, contribute, or whatever you want.  The important point is don’t be committed to do so. You can help with your daughter’s soccer team but don’t commit to be a coach.  You can volunteer, but don’t commit to a specific schedule.  You can be involved at school but don’t commit to x hours per week at a specific time.  You need to retain the freedom and flexibility to contribute when you are available and work on your dream life and be committed to doing that when it is necessary.

Commit to your new great life.  Once you realize your dreams you will have more time and more resources to give back.  Commit to your family, your children, to being happy.  Don’t worry about the disappointment of others.  It may be hard, but to achieve your dreams you have to take this step.  Realize that the disappointment will sometimes represent others’ selfish disappointment that you are no longer committed to them or their pet project.

Steps to Reducing Your Commitments

  • Start slow – Free yourself from one commitment per month, then one per week.
  • Start small – Don’t tackle the most entangled or most difficult commitments until you have won the battle with the smaller and easier targets.
  • Learn how to say no – Don’t add any new commitments.

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elespanol August 31, 2017 at 10:30 pm

Every second you waste now is pulling you further away from your dreams – stop wasting time and get the program now!


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