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Seriously Were the 80’s Really This Bad?

by Stephen Mills June 24, 2012

Holy crap, I just don’t remember it this way.  Maybe I wasn’t paying attention.   Get Free Updates to The Rat Race Trap by Email here or via a reader in the top left sidebar.  I would love to have you on board. If you liked this article and think it might be useful to others […]

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Six Steps to Getting Away With Murder in Florida

by Stephen Mills July 6, 2011

Kill your child Dump the body in the swamp to allow the evidence of the cause of death to decompose away Claim the death was an accident Tell a jury that without a cause of death they must acquit Cry and then start laughing after you are acquitted Walk free and make a bunch of […]

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Could Job Experience be Overrated?

by Stephen Mills March 6, 2011

Note from Stephen: Today I’m publishing a guest article from Brendan Cruickshank that is quite a bit different from what I normally publish, but I thought it might be a nice change of pace. I often run into job-seekers who feel they are caught in a no-win situation. They need experience to land a job, […]

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Home is Wherever We Are

by Stephen Mills July 27, 2010
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Guest Article Tuesday Note From Stephen:  I get a lot of requests for guest articles.  I’ve decided to create a new feature called Guest Article Tuesday where readers or other bloggers can express their ideas to my readers. Hugh DeBurgh, The Passionate Warrior, has dedicated his life to the achievement of the ultimate family lifestyle. […]

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Braying Asses

by Stephen Mills December 4, 2009

Braying Asses: Media whores talking about Tiger Woods and his mistresses Braying Asses: Mainstream and tabloid media covering Tiger Woods’ “transgressions” Braying Asses: Tiger Woods’ mistresses Silent Ass: Tiger Woods Silent Ass So Far: Gloria Allred Scary Ass: Elin – club-wielding wife of Tiger Woods What do you think?  Leave a comment and join the […]

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Optimizing Your Working Memory – Part II

by Stephen Mills November 29, 2009
Working Memory

A lot of new research is showing that cognitive effort depletes your mental resources and you perform significantly worse on subsequent tasks. Make one difficult decision and your ability to make a second difficult decision is reduced. All conscious thinking uses up these resources and the more conscious effort it requires the more the resources are depleted. Will-power and self-control may not seem like the same thing as solving a complex problem, but they too rapidly deplete your brain’s thinking resources.

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Increasing Your Signal-To-Noise Ratio

by Stephen Mills November 20, 2009
Information Overload

Signal-to-noise ratio is defined by Wikipedia as “ratio of a signal power to the noise power corrupting the signal.” This concept comes from electrical engineering but it can be applied to information overload. I don’t know about you, but I constantly struggle with finding a signal hidden in all the background noise. I also worry that I’m creating more noise than signal. Thus, I’m looking for ways to increase the signal-to-noise ratio in the information I consume as well as the information I create.

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7 Simple Principles for Living the Good Life

by Stephen Mills October 26, 2009
Seven Principles

I don’t claim these 7 simple principles are the principles for living the good life. There are others that I reluctantly left out, but I chose these because they are simple and easy to understand.

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The Circumstances of Happiness

by Stephen Mills September 21, 2009
Gold Bars

Science has pretty much established that your circumstances are not very relevant to your happiness. The impact is not zero, but decades of research have shown that only about 10% of your happiness level is determined by external circumstances.

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Some Days You Just Don’t Have It

by Stephen Mills August 7, 2009

For three days I’ve been trying to figure out what to write a blog article about.  When I look at my list of ideas, nothing excites me.  I have nothing profound or interesting to say.  It’s really been bugging me.  I’ve been looking at material trying to come up with something that grabs me.  Nothing […]

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