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Take Action

What Can One Person Accomplish?

by Stephen Mills December 25, 2011

Even though the spirit of Christmas has turned into a consumer obsession, it is still a good time of the year to think about the spirit of giving a little something of yourself to make the world a better place. This article is about what you individually can do. It’s about accomplishing something worthwhile by yourself.

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The Key to Personal Effectiveness

by Stephen Mills July 20, 2011

What if there was one thing you could do to dramatically increase your effectiveness both personally and professionally? I believe there is. It’s an extremely simple concept, but not so easy to implement, because it is simply not ingrained in our habitual behavior. Our modern culture has mostly eliminated it from our mindset. Implementing it on a consistent basis requires some audacity and commitment that most people simply will not choose to develop. Regardless, I believe virtually everyone can improve their personal effectiveness if they are willing to develop this one habit to a much greater degree.

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The Problem With Causes, Crusades, or Organized Movements

by Stephen Mills November 20, 2010
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Causes, crusades, mass movements, especially organized ones, very seldom work; they usually end up with most people involved becoming frustrated and depressed. Usually the movement becomes an end in itself that takes on more importance than the original cause for which it was established. Preservation of the movement now takes priority and the formerly idealistic leaders end up trying to preserve the power and prestige they have gained as a result.

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Should You Break the Rules at Work?

by Stephen Mills October 17, 2010
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You are investing an enormous amount of your time, personal resources, and frankly your health in your job. You absolutely owe to to yourself to get a return on that investment and any company who thinks otherwise isn’t worth your time.

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How To Be More Decisive

by Stephen Mills April 10, 2010
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A decisive person understands all this and takes charge making most decisions quickly and with clarity. A decisive person understands the difference between decisions that really make a difference and those that don’t. A decisive person has a lot more time for the important things in their lives and a lot more peace of mind.

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Why You Should Be More Decisive

by Stephen Mills April 8, 2010
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Teenagers used to have to be responsible (at least to some degree) and make some decisions for themselves. Now they have to call mommy on their cell phone and get permission or advice for everything. Employees who used to be responsible for decisions, now have to run it by their boss or their colleagues. They have to do this 24 hours a day via technology like email or cell phones, even when they or their boss is on vacation. Couples who used to make independent decisions now email, text, or call each other to discuss trivial decisions. Don’t say it isn’t so because I can hear it going on around me all the time. We are all talking to everyone about everything. Individual decision making and decisiveness have taken a big hit.

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by Stephen Mills December 5, 2009

I simply have to ask you to go read Jonny’s latest article on  Jonny is officially an Escape The Rat Race Hero of mine now.  Some of those pictures are gorgeous and his example is very inspiring.  Now that’s living!

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Choose to be a Player

by Stephen Mills October 20, 2009
Michael Jordon

Players bring joy, energy, and passion to the game of life. Players derive meaning and joy from their contributions. Players have a voice. They speak up and influence the cultures in which they live and work. Players take a stand, join the dialogue, and shape the debate.

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Basic Principles of Living By Larry Winget

by Stephen Mills September 27, 2009
Larry Winget

Sometimes just a few words say about all that needs to be said: Your life is your own damn fault. Take responsibility for it. Learn what you need to do to fix it. Take action on what you’ve learned. Enjoy the results. — Larry Winget What do you think? Leave a comment below. Get Free […]

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Is It Time for a Quantum Leap?

by Stephen Mills September 19, 2009
Quantum Leap

Quantum leaps are possible in many areas of our lives, but we won’t experience them as long as we stay stuck in our familiar comfort zones. A quantum leap does not occur when you are tweaking or pushing harder. They occur when you back off and open your mind to completely new possibilities. Quantum leaps are risky and scary. You must leave your familiar zone and try something so dramatically different that you create new boundaries.

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