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How To Make Decisions When You Can’t Decide

by Stephen Mills October 18, 2011

This article describes several methods of making quick decisions when you have a difficult time deciding or when you are dealing with a complex decision. Our working memory can handle only a few bits of information at a time and many choices or many factors for each choice overwhelm it. The four methods described here are:

Flip a Coin With a Twist
Compare Down a List
Conduct a Tournament
Let Your Unconscious Decide

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Why First Impressions Matter

by Stephen Mills July 25, 2011

Note from Stephen: This is a guest article from Bill Post. His information is at the end of the article. I think I’m a pretty sensitive guy. But if you showed up to a first ever business meeting in a T-shirt and shorts, would my feelings be hurt? Would I feel that you were not […]

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Your Personal Information Database in the Cloud–Quick Tip

by Stephen Mills November 9, 2010
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What do you do when you read a great article, run across a marvelous quote, read an insightful paragraph, or find any other piece of information you want to save? I’ve tried many things like bookmarking and none of them work anywhere near as well as simply using my Gmail account. In seconds, I can save, label, apply keywords, and create a permanent searchable database in the cloud that I can access from anywhere. I hope you find something useful in my system whatever email system you use.

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