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To Your Perfect Health

by Stephen Mills December 24, 2012

We worry about the most unlikely things most of which are totally out of our control and yet most of us don’t do the one thing that we have almost total control over – eat healthy. Even most of us who think we are eating healthy are not. Therefore I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It far surpasses most diet books and it carefully explains the most important issues regarding what you should eat and more importantly why. It is heavily footnoted and is supported by a mass of scientific literature which is explained in terms everyone can understand.

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The Benefits of Green Space

by Stephen Mills May 24, 2011

I find nature and natural settings extremely restorative and I head for them often when I’m feeling stressed or need a break. I would recommend that everyone give it a try. Of course this is just anecdotal evidence from my personal experience and doesn’t prove anything. However a number of studies and probably many which I’m unaware of are showing that there probably is indeed real beneficial physiological effects from being exposed to natural environments (even artificially created natural environments like urban parks and green spaces).

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Deep Nutrition–A Very Important Book

by Stephen Mills March 27, 2011

For me the book shines like the stars when it gets really deep into why what most nutrition experts and the establishment recommend is flat out wrong. It’s not just wrong but it is damaging your health. The chapters on sugar and fat metabolism are superb and provide readily understandable descriptions of what really happens inside your body when you eat them.

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Why You Should Take More Vitamin D Than Recommended By Health Officials

by Stephen Mills March 17, 2011

Every month new studies seem to be released documenting a new benefit of Vitamin D.  It truly is the ‘it’ vitamin (it’s really a type of hormone) and for very good reasons.  You can question these studies as many do, but the evidence is mostly swinging in the direction of benefit. Vitamin D along with […]

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Balancing Short-Term and Long-Term Thinking– Part II–Your Health

by Stephen Mills February 16, 2011

If you haven’t read  Part I please do so before reading Part II. I’m going to use health as an example to illustrate some principles I think are important in balancing short and long term thinking.  With slight changes these same principles can be applied to almost anything. I really didn’t even begin to cover […]

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Life Advice In a Nutshell

by Stephen Mills August 2, 2010
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If you cannot spend at least several hours every day doing something for no other reason than you want to do it, then I consider that slavery. Drop commitments like they are poison. Avoid spending yourself into slavery (see below). Absolutely do your own thing and not what anyone else thinks you should do, whether that anyone is society, your family, or your partner.

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Why the Timing of Fat Consumption May be Important

by Stephen Mills July 29, 2010

high carbohydrate meal later in the day. In the other group of mice, the a high carbohydrate meal is consumed early in the day and a high fat meal later in the day. Most of us tend to eat more fat later in the day at the big meals, so we are like the early-carb / late-fat mice.

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Do You Want To Live Longer?

by Stephen Mills July 24, 2010
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I think the key is where the emphasis lies; whether it is on the word live or on the word longer. People are concerned about quality of life in old age; things like losing their health, losing their mind, and losing their ability to live independently. I don’t want to live like that either. Those humans who live to a very advanced age, like the current record holder Jeanne Calmet who died in 1997 at the age of 122, don’t just live longer; they age slower. They stay healthy, vibrant, alert, and independent into advanced ages. Jeanne was still riding her bicycle at 100, a good 20 years after the average woman has already died.

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How to Live Longer Part II

by Stephen Mills July 20, 2009

This is Part II.  The other parts can be found here: How to Live Longer Part I As I described in Part I, these are from the book 50 Simple Ways to Live a Longer Life: Everyday Techniques from the Forefront of Science Here are the next 9 simple ways to live longer (I thought […]

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How to Live Longer Part I

by Stephen Mills July 18, 2009

I’ve got a fabulous little book 50 Simple Ways to Live a Longer Life: Everyday Techniques from the Forefront of Science, and I recommend you get it and read it. But in the meantime I know most of you won’t, so here are the first 10 simple ways to live longer. Some of the ways the book listed these don’t make sense to me so I’m making a few modifications. Other than that, I’m supplying them right out of the book and after part V, I’ll give some of my own ideas.

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