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Boycott Black Friday and Thursday

by Stephen Mills November 26, 2013

The One World Trade Center is now the tallest building in the U.S. Imagine stacking 10 of them on top of each other and standing on the top. You would be several miles up where it might be hard to breathe. Then pull a hair out of your scalp and look at its diameter. The […]

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Why Life’s Big Events Don’t Matter So Much

by Stephen Mills February 6, 2013

That dream job, promotion, mate, house, car, or dreaded breakup, surprise job loss, devastating diagnosis may not matter so much. Most of us dream about or worry about how big events in our lives are going to make us happy or bring us down. A lot of research though actually indicates that it isn’t those big things that really matter.

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Sunk Costs, The Past, and The New Year

by Stephen Mills January 13, 2013

The central point is the past is the past and any investment that occurred in the past is already sunk, therefore the term “sunk costs”. If you continue something because you have already invested time or money or some other resource in it, you are simply compounding your original mistake.

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Enough Stuff

by Stephen Mills March 3, 2012

People go into debt to buy bigger homes to hold more stuff that puts them further in debt. It’s an endless cycle. We enslave ourselves to our stuff. I don’t really know what to do about it. I’m guilty of it but I’m getting better. Spending some time reflecting on it (like writing this article) helps when I have the urge to get something new. We’ve enslaved ourselves with the help of advertising and the media, but we can also choose to set ourselves free. Maybe you have enough stuff. It’s worth considering anyway.

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The Power of The Daily 10

by Stephen Mills February 8, 2012

Consider this: one month from now you can have easily taken 300 steps towards your highest values. In three months 900 and in a year 3,650. It’s very simple and surprisingly powerful. I’m not a big proponent of commitments that will tie you down and that’s what is so beautiful about the daily 10. You are only making one commitment and that’s to the daily 10 itself, and those 10 things can be whatever you want them to be on any particular day.

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Beware of Pseudo Self-Esteem

by Stephen Mills January 29, 2012

Over the past few decades there has been a vast wave of pseudo self-esteem washing over our culture.  Pseudo self-esteem has displaced true self-esteem and created a nation of the entitled and narcissistic, especially in the less than 45 age group. True self-esteem is based upon an a self-appraisal of one’s own competence and worthiness.  […]

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Three Unconscious Influences on Our Behavior

by Stephen Mills January 1, 2012

Note from Stephen:  This is a guest article from Dr. Sean Sullivan.  Dr. Sullivan has a book and online course available called “The Mind Masters Silent Journey” which I am currently evaluating.  I will be writing a review of them when I’m finished.  The last part of this article is an excerpt from his material. […]

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Does Money Buy Happiness After All?

by Stephen Mills December 19, 2011

Interestingly income in the U.S. affects daily emotional well-being (enjoyment, happiness, sadness, anger, worry, stress) up to about $75,000 of household income. That’s not exactly a subsistence level of income and is significant in that 2/3 of U.S. households are below that level. This indicates an increase in stable income would positively impact 2/3 of U.S. households in their day-to-day happiness levels.

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The Means are Destroying The Ends

by Stephen Mills December 4, 2011

So many of us in particular and our culture in general have lost sight of the ends to which we should be striving. Things like freedom, intellectual growth, happiness, social relationships, and general well-being. We have allowed the means to these values to become the ends towards which we endlessly strive. We constantly are piling up the means, but forgetting the ends to which those should lead.

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Rethinking Positive Thinking

by Stephen Mills November 24, 2011

I now believe that much of the current propaganda about positive thinking is at minimum misguided and likely counter-productive for many people. It amounts to self-help snake oil. This represents a change in my own beliefs brought about by my own experience, my observations of others, and a lot of reading and thinking about it.

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