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Do Less Achieve More

The Power of The Daily 10

by Stephen Mills February 8, 2012

Consider this: one month from now you can have easily taken 300 steps towards your highest values. In three months 900 and in a year 3,650. It’s very simple and surprisingly powerful. I’m not a big proponent of commitments that will tie you down and that’s what is so beautiful about the daily 10. You are only making one commitment and that’s to the daily 10 itself, and those 10 things can be whatever you want them to be on any particular day.

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What Is Truly Necessary?

by Stephen Mills October 22, 2011

People will argue about how much of what they do really is necessary. I know because I’ve been there. But I don’t believe it anymore. It’s a delusion. You feel important by being busy but in reality you are missing what is truly important. I honestly believe the vast majority of people, and that includes you, could stop almost all of what they think is necessary and would find that most people wouldn’t notice and the world would continue to spin. Arguing about it is a pissing match that I don’t care to engage in. Either you get it or you don’t.

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Has Leo Babauta Lost His Freaking Mind?

by Stephen Mills July 13, 2011

I have been a big fan of Leo Babauta for several years now and have said so on this blog. I think his book THE POWER OF LESS is fantastic. He was a big inspiration to me and I think he was a very wise man. He probably still is, but I am beginning to wonder. Lately he has been saying some things that make me go “huh?”.

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Declare Your Personal Independence

by Stephen Mills July 5, 2011

On July 4th in the U.S. we celebrate our country’s independence. While I personally believe we have lost much of that spirit of independence with the explosive growth of government encroachment in our lives, we retain at least in theory a basic level of political freedom.

On the other hand, I believe the vast majority of us have voluntarily, if unknowingly, enslaved ourselves in other ways that are just as harmful to the stated values of “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”.

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How Letting Go of Control Brings You Freedom and Contentment

by Stephen Mills April 7, 2011

Trying to control people and events harms us and everyone around us. It blinds us to options and choices we can make that would greatly improve our lives emotionally, spiritually, creatively and financially. Instead we worry incessantly and become imprisoned by our fears, anger and anxiety, all of which consume inordinate amounts of needless time and energy. This time and energy could instead be devoted to pursuing our passions—if we are willing to lose some control in our lives.

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Seven Simple Tips for Conquering The Email Monster

by Stephen Mills November 4, 2010
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Email is an incredible technology and I know very few people who would give it up. I also believe it is completely out of control both at work and at home; for many of us it has become a source of frustration and stress. The question is how do we make effective use of this wonderful tool without letting it take over our time and our lives?

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8 Ways to Improve Your Focus and Control Your Attention

by Stephen Mills October 25, 2010
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These days there may be no scarce resource more valuable than your attention and no ability more important than being able to focus that attention. Success, however you define it, is dependent upon your ability to focus your attention.

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Saying More With Less

by Stephen Mills September 25, 2010
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In today’s world of information overload, people move quickly from sound bite to sound bite. To be successful with your message and to avoid be washed away in the sea of noise, you must connect quickly and convey effectively. You must transmit something meaningful in the small window in which you have been granted the benefit of their attention. This is true in face-to-face as well as electronic communication. How many times, even when you are physically present with someone, are they distracted by some electronic device? Failure to connect with someone and convey meaning to them quickly will often lead to failure.

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In defense of Laziness

by Stephen Mills September 4, 2010
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I dream of being lazy, of having all day to just do whatever I feel like at any moment. I dream of being able to do only a few things that don’t take a lot of time, but that matter a great deal – or not. I don’t see anything wrong with wanting to do less. The world is full of energetic and ambitious people being busy but not doing a whole lot that matters. The world is full of active people trying to force their ideas on others. How I wish they would get lazy and shut up.

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How To Enjoy Work That Makes You Miserable

by Stephen Mills August 28, 2010
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The bottom line is you can choose a positive or a negative attitude about whatever you are doing and in that choice lies the difference between joy and misery.

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