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Discover Your Core Needs

The Power of The Daily 10

by Stephen Mills February 8, 2012

Consider this: one month from now you can have easily taken 300 steps towards your highest values. In three months 900 and in a year 3,650. It’s very simple and surprisingly powerful. I’m not a big proponent of commitments that will tie you down and that’s what is so beautiful about the daily 10. You are only making one commitment and that’s to the daily 10 itself, and those 10 things can be whatever you want them to be on any particular day.

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The Means are Destroying The Ends

by Stephen Mills December 4, 2011

So many of us in particular and our culture in general have lost sight of the ends to which we should be striving. Things like freedom, intellectual growth, happiness, social relationships, and general well-being. We have allowed the means to these values to become the ends towards which we endlessly strive. We constantly are piling up the means, but forgetting the ends to which those should lead.

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Finding Your True Self – Revisited

by Stephen Mills June 15, 2010
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There is an ultimate aloneness to human existence. You cannot get into someone else’s head and they cannot get into your yours. No matter how close you are to someone, it is an illusion to think they truly understand you or you truly understand them. At some level you can share your experiences, but ultimately you are alone with your own experiences and you will get along better in life if you accept that and figure out what it means to you.

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Making a Difference

by Stephen Mills September 3, 2009
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As long as there is somebody who needs something and you are doing something about it, you are making a difference. Your life thereby gains meaning and purpose. You don’t need to change the world and you don’t need to feed your ego like crusaders and celebrities. You can make more of a difference by engaging in small little acts of kindness towards your fellow human beings.

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The Dash

by Stephen Mills August 29, 2009
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On your tombstone there will be two dates. On mine I hope it will be something like this 1961 – 2061. It might look like this 1961 – 2009. The first date and the last date are two things you have no control over and really don’t matter. All that really matters is the dash in the middle.

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Finding Your True Self

by Stephen Mills July 10, 2009
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The only way to be truly free is to discover that unique person that is you. Many of you don’t know who that is because you’ve grown up and lived in the presence of pressures to behave according to the norms of others; your parents, your friends, your culture, and your partner. These have likely exerted a great influence on what you think are your values and tastes. This means that who you think you are and what you think you like and need, may just be a result of what you’ve absorbed from others. It doesn’t represent the real and unique you. Taking on the values of others leads to a lot of frustration and unhappiness.

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Vision, Purpose, Goals

by Stephen Mills March 21, 2009

Bob Proctor has written a very nice 9 page article called Vision, Purpose, Goals.  I think it is simply outstanding and I highly recommend you read and listen to it.  Listen on your commute.  He is very inspirational.  I personally like the audio because I love Bob’s infectious voice. Vision Purpose Goals PDF Vision Purpose […]

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Find Your True Purpose

by Stephen Mills February 15, 2009

What a different story people would have to tell if they would adopt a definite purpose and stand by that purpose until it had time to become an all-consuming purpose.  (emphasis mine) Napoleon Hill Laws of Success

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Find Happiness Outside the Rat Race – Part 3

by Stephen Mills February 5, 2009
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Whatever you give up in core needs, makes you less of who you really are and could be. Your children will remember a mother who was not filled with the joy of life, with the calm and loving manner, and with the fulfilled life that should should have been. You are giving your children something less and not something more by sacrificing a core need.

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Find Happiness Outside the Rat Race – Part 2

by Stephen Mills February 3, 2009
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o matter where you are or what circumstances you find yourself in for the rest of your life, you will always be able to find ways to experience your core needs. As a result you will surely find and sustain genuine happiness.

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