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Why First Impressions Matter

by Stephen Mills July 25, 2011

Note from Stephen: This is a guest article from Bill Post. His information is at the end of the article. I think I’m a pretty sensitive guy. But if you showed up to a first ever business meeting in a T-shirt and shorts, would my feelings be hurt? Would I feel that you were not […]

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8 Tips To Improve Your Mind In the Office

by Stephen Mills March 25, 2011
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Whether you have a 9 to 5 office job or you are lucky to have a job where you can dictate your own hours and maybe even work at home from time to time, we all go through periods of stagnation. Sometimes its just so hard to get a new perspective on a problem and it seems the harder you work the more you dig yourself in.

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Should You Become an Expert?

by Stephen Mills March 1, 2011

My gut instinct and personal experience says that to achieve the best life satisfaction, maybe being an expert isn’t the right choice. This is something everyone has to decide for themselves, but societal pressure seems to be on becoming an expert; being the best you can be and all that. I’m pretty sure that’s the way to high achievement in anything.

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The 5th Age of a Business Expansion – Bigger Is Better

by Stephen Mills May 22, 2009
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Note from Stephen:  This is a guest post by Dragos at eDragonu – the choice of a personal path.  He has an excellent blog and I suggest you check it out. This article is part of a series about the 7 ages of a business, an entrepreneur perspective, initially published at The remaining 6 […]

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