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December 2012

To Your Perfect Health

by Stephen Mills December 24, 2012

We worry about the most unlikely things most of which are totally out of our control and yet most of us don’t do the one thing that we have almost total control over – eat healthy. Even most of us who think we are eating healthy are not. Therefore I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It far surpasses most diet books and it carefully explains the most important issues regarding what you should eat and more importantly why. It is heavily footnoted and is supported by a mass of scientific literature which is explained in terms everyone can understand.

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Why You Shouldn’t Believe Information Reported in the Media

by Stephen Mills December 10, 2012

This article is not a 20 second read and that is the point.  You can’t explain something complex without spending some time on it.  A couple of weeks ago I was moving around in the house in the morning with the TV tuned to the Today show.  I heard them introduce a story with something […]

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Lessons From the Shoeless and the Homeless

by Stephen Mills December 3, 2012

I would rather give $5 to an organization that actually has some qualifications and experience in how to help people. Organizations that give them something like a hot meal or a place to stay. Your $5 bill handed to someone begging for it may not go to food, it may go to alcohol, drugs, a quickie in the alley, or something else not likely to go viral if recorded by a tourist’s camera. Driving by a corner or seeing someone sitting on the sidewalk, we’re in no position to make the kind of judgments necessary to do the right thing. If you feel the need to help, think about it first. Maybe you would be better off donating to an agency in a better position than you to decide what and for whom something needs to be done.

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