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January 2012

Beware of Pseudo Self-Esteem

by Stephen Mills January 29, 2012

Over the past few decades there has been a vast wave of pseudo self-esteem washing over our culture.  Pseudo self-esteem has displaced true self-esteem and created a nation of the entitled and narcissistic, especially in the less than 45 age group. True self-esteem is based upon an a self-appraisal of one’s own competence and worthiness.  […]

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Some Books Worth Reading

by Stephen Mills January 8, 2012

Here are some books I have read recently that I think are worth checking out.

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Three Unconscious Influences on Our Behavior

by Stephen Mills January 1, 2012

Note from Stephen:  This is a guest article from Dr. Sean Sullivan.  Dr. Sullivan has a book and online course available called “The Mind Masters Silent Journey” which I am currently evaluating.  I will be writing a review of them when I’m finished.  The last part of this article is an excerpt from his material. […]

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