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April 2011

How To Deal With An Uncertain Future

by Stephen Mills April 10, 2011
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You need to develop general skills like people skills that can be useful no matter what you are doing. Develop the growth mindsets and the attitudes that lend themselves to peaceful well being, detachment from outcomes, and resilience. People who are resilient and resourceful are able to deal effectively anything that may arise in their lives down the road.

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How Letting Go of Control Brings You Freedom and Contentment

by Stephen Mills April 7, 2011

Trying to control people and events harms us and everyone around us. It blinds us to options and choices we can make that would greatly improve our lives emotionally, spiritually, creatively and financially. Instead we worry incessantly and become imprisoned by our fears, anger and anxiety, all of which consume inordinate amounts of needless time and energy. This time and energy could instead be devoted to pursuing our passions—if we are willing to lose some control in our lives.

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