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March 2011

Deep Nutrition–A Very Important Book

by Stephen Mills March 27, 2011

For me the book shines like the stars when it gets really deep into why what most nutrition experts and the establishment recommend is flat out wrong. It’s not just wrong but it is damaging your health. The chapters on sugar and fat metabolism are superb and provide readily understandable descriptions of what really happens inside your body when you eat them.

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8 Tips To Improve Your Mind In the Office

by Stephen Mills March 25, 2011
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Whether you have a 9 to 5 office job or you are lucky to have a job where you can dictate your own hours and maybe even work at home from time to time, we all go through periods of stagnation. Sometimes its just so hard to get a new perspective on a problem and it seems the harder you work the more you dig yourself in.

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Japan: A Dissenting Opinion

by Stephen Mills March 21, 2011

This will probably make some people mad, but I think this “world crisis” mania is getting out of control.  First of all I am not a callous person and it pains me to see anyone suffering for any reason.  Secondly, what happened in Japan with the tsunami and its aftermath is undoubtedly a tragedy for […]

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Why You Should Take More Vitamin D Than Recommended By Health Officials

by Stephen Mills March 17, 2011

Every month new studies seem to be released documenting a new benefit of Vitamin D.  It truly is the ‘it’ vitamin (it’s really a type of hormone) and for very good reasons.  You can question these studies as many do, but the evidence is mostly swinging in the direction of benefit. Vitamin D along with […]

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The Modern Decline in Independent Thinking

by Stephen Mills March 12, 2011

The Internet was supposed to expose us to many new viewpoints, broaden our horizons, generate new ideas, and so on. To some degree it has but there is a very serious hidden danger in the fact that we are always connected to others. It’s not just that we are connected to others, it’s who and how we are connecting. We participate in groups through the Internet or other media technologies to a degree unimaginable just a couple of decades ago. So even though the impact of groups on individual thinking has always existed, its impact is much greater today. We are losing our ability and opportunity to think independently and in my view this has serious consequences.

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Could Job Experience be Overrated?

by Stephen Mills March 6, 2011

Note from Stephen: Today I’m publishing a guest article from Brendan Cruickshank that is quite a bit different from what I normally publish, but I thought it might be a nice change of pace. I often run into job-seekers who feel they are caught in a no-win situation. They need experience to land a job, […]

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Should You Become an Expert?

by Stephen Mills March 1, 2011

My gut instinct and personal experience says that to achieve the best life satisfaction, maybe being an expert isn’t the right choice. This is something everyone has to decide for themselves, but societal pressure seems to be on becoming an expert; being the best you can be and all that. I’m pretty sure that’s the way to high achievement in anything.

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