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January 2011

Unconscious Influences On Our Behavior

by Stephen Mills January 28, 2011

One of the most fascinating, and to me unnerving, results to come out of a lot of recent psychological research is just how much of our behavior is subject to unconscious influence. I for one and I think most people like to believe we are acting deliberately when in fact we often are not. This article will focus on a phenomenon referred to in research as priming.

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Choose Engagement Over Comfort

by Stephen Mills January 15, 2011

We have our faces glued to some kind of screen instead of actually participating in joyful activities with other people. Incredibly in the U.S. where TV watching is the highest in the world, the last decade of TV technology improvement has resulted in a further increase of 15% in average daily TV time. In that same decade the amount of time spent staring at other, usually small screens, has exploded. That time comes from somewhere and it doesn’t come from school or work. It is being taken from time we could use to actually participate in something that would include being engaged with other people.

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More Myths That Need Busting

by Stephen Mills January 3, 2011

Even Europeans who ban genetically modified food are eating exactly that. Very little food is natural and its genes have been manipulated by humans for thousands of years. Wheat is a hybrid of three varieties of plant. Corn started out as a grass. Many crops are hybrids that are sterile.

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