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December 2010

World Population Growth is Declining

by Stephen Mills December 30, 2010

I know this is pretty much irrelevant to the topic of this blog, but I thought many of you would be interested anyway.  I find this information is little known and that is probably because it doesn’t fit the political objectives of many people and it isn’t splashy news material.  This is the latest best […]

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Why Money is Not a Good Motivator

by Stephen Mills December 27, 2010

There are experiments that show people who are being paid will not continue a challenging task, during breaks in the experiment for example, while people who are not being paid will continue to work on it. In other words being paid somehow destroys motivation; it turns something you enjoy into work. Being paid makes people spend less creative time on the task.

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How to Have a Wonderful Day

by Stephen Mills December 24, 2010
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Yeah, I know this stuff is obvious, but sometimes we need to be reminded of the obvious.  We need to be hit in the face with it so we will do something about it. Cut the rest of the world some slack.  I put this number one because I can think of no better way […]

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A Few Thoughts About Christmas

by Stephen Mills December 18, 2010

I have many memories of Christmas dinners and endless games. My mother’s family loved games and we played them all the time. Not purchased games, but the standard card and domino games. I remember playing tennis with my cousin who was the same age. I remember my aunt always kissing me because she knew I hated it. I remember endless hours of those experiences, but I don’t remember what Santa brought.

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Why You Should Ignore Politics and Politicians

by Stephen Mills December 6, 2010
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Here is the basic question you need to ask yourself. Is it worth your time, effort, money, and mental well-being to keep up with or participate in political issues? For me, the answer is unquestioned no. I’ve been there and done that and since I actually cared so much about the issues, it was a never-ending source of disappointment and frustration. All the time I spent reading, listening, following, debating, wishing, hoping, and voting resulted in exactly ZERO difference.

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