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November 2010

How to Make Great Decisions

by Stephen Mills November 28, 2010

The amount of anxiety that goes into most decisions is ridiculous. Further, the amount of time people spend making decisions, even the most trivial ones, is a life-wasting shame. Visit your local company meeting for endless examples of how to torture wage slaves with trivial decision making.

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Be Thankful For Being Good Enough

by Stephen Mills November 26, 2010

It’s not enough to have a happy marriage, you need to be as ‘connected’ as conjoined twins and have mind-blowing sex three times a week.

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The Problem With Causes, Crusades, or Organized Movements

by Stephen Mills November 20, 2010
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Causes, crusades, mass movements, especially organized ones, very seldom work; they usually end up with most people involved becoming frustrated and depressed. Usually the movement becomes an end in itself that takes on more importance than the original cause for which it was established. Preservation of the movement now takes priority and the formerly idealistic leaders end up trying to preserve the power and prestige they have gained as a result.

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Circumstances as a Feedback Loop

by Stephen Mills November 13, 2010
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I find it incredibly useful to view my circumstances as part of a feedback loop that is a basic component of my life. This is a very simple thing to do, although it is often not easy. Simple as in easy to understand; not complicated. However, it goes against human nature, culture, and a life time of habit and that is what makes it difficult. Thinking of circumstances as feedback that you use as part of your continuous growth is an excellent way of detaching from your outcomes. When you are able to detach from outcomes you are well on your way to a life of peaceful well-being.

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Your Personal Information Database in the Cloud–Quick Tip

by Stephen Mills November 9, 2010
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What do you do when you read a great article, run across a marvelous quote, read an insightful paragraph, or find any other piece of information you want to save? I’ve tried many things like bookmarking and none of them work anywhere near as well as simply using my Gmail account. In seconds, I can save, label, apply keywords, and create a permanent searchable database in the cloud that I can access from anywhere. I hope you find something useful in my system whatever email system you use.

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Seven Simple Tips for Conquering The Email Monster

by Stephen Mills November 4, 2010
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Email is an incredible technology and I know very few people who would give it up. I also believe it is completely out of control both at work and at home; for many of us it has become a source of frustration and stress. The question is how do we make effective use of this wonderful tool without letting it take over our time and our lives?

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