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October 2010

Thought Provoking Books

by Stephen Mills October 31, 2010
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Here is a selection of thought provoking books I’ve read in the last few weeks. These are not “practical” books in the sense that they give you a formula for how to do something better, but they are more philosophical in nature. Big picture, philosophical ideas are important and to the degree that they educate you and help you understand the world around you, they are critical to your long-term intellectual growth. I give an enthusiastic thumbs up to all of these books.

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8 Ways to Improve Your Focus and Control Your Attention

by Stephen Mills October 25, 2010
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These days there may be no scarce resource more valuable than your attention and no ability more important than being able to focus that attention. Success, however you define it, is dependent upon your ability to focus your attention.

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Top 25 Small Things You Let Ruin Your Mood

by Stephen Mills October 20, 2010
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For me personally, and I think for most people, it is easier to notice and correct your negative reaction on those occasional “big issues”. In reality though, it’s not the occasional big issue that make you unhappy; rather it’s the accumulated wear and tear of all the small things all day every day that grind your mood down.

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Should You Break the Rules at Work?

by Stephen Mills October 17, 2010
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You are investing an enormous amount of your time, personal resources, and frankly your health in your job. You absolutely owe to to yourself to get a return on that investment and any company who thinks otherwise isn’t worth your time.

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The Problem With Resistance

by Stephen Mills October 13, 2010
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Resistance and struggle against that which opposes you or that which you don’t like is very often the worst thing you can do. Just like the rip current, you should generally step aside and just watch whatever is bothering you roll on by. Instead of wasting your energy on the negative, you can focus it on the positive and with far less effort achieve far greater results.

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The Skinny On Series

by Stephen Mills October 9, 2010

There is a wonderful series of books called “The Skinny On” that I recommend you check out. The idea behind the books is to distill the very best information possible about various topics into a compact and easy to read format. The author, Jim Randel and his team, study the very best books and research in the topic area and create a fun and easy to read book. They are structured and organized for easy future reference

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