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June 2010

Working Memory – Why It’s Important and How To Improve It

by Stephen Mills June 26, 2010

What if there was one feature of your brain that was critical to your ability to control your attention, to concentrate in the face of distractions, to multi-task, to your general reasoning ability, to your ability to learn and comprehend what you read, and to overall performance on measures of intelligence? Further, what if it is possible to improve the performance of that one feature and consequently improve all those other abilities that are dependent upon it? There has recently been some tantalizing new evidence that working memory is that key feature and that in can be improved with training.

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Your Brain On the Internet

by Stephen Mills June 20, 2010
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Deep and reflective thinking seems to be disappearing and I think it is in large degree a result of changes brought about by Internet. If it is still there it is being overwhelmed by the shallows. Writers no longer write what they think, they write what they hope will rank in Google. Despite all the touted diversity of the Internet, obsession with Search Engine Optimization often takes priority over content. Google is funneling us into the narrow and boring land of the common.

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Finding Your True Self – Revisited

by Stephen Mills June 15, 2010
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There is an ultimate aloneness to human existence. You cannot get into someone else’s head and they cannot get into your yours. No matter how close you are to someone, it is an illusion to think they truly understand you or you truly understand them. At some level you can share your experiences, but ultimately you are alone with your own experiences and you will get along better in life if you accept that and figure out what it means to you.

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Waves of Activity and Renewal

by Stephen Mills June 9, 2010
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The way we work and live is not conducive to maximal effectiveness. In our rush-around modern lives we try to live by one long pulse during the day and then rest at night. We are working too long and too continuously. We are burning up our mental and emotional reserves without giving them a chance to renew.

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Would You Rather Be Right or Be At Peace?

by Stephen Mills June 1, 2010
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Do you prefer stress or happiness? That may sound like a no-brainer, so let me ask it another way. Do you prefer being right or being at peace? So many of us are determined to be right, and we defend our positions with the skill of a lawyer and the stubbornness of a mule. If you’re good at this you may get to continue to be right for years and everyone will know it, but the cost is your peace of mind.

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