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April 2010

Limit Your Minutes

by Stephen Mills April 26, 2010
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Give yourself a specific amount of time to finish a task and then don’t cheat. Live with your time limit. When the time is up, stop. Allow what you’ve accomplished in the time limit to be good enough. Give yourself 30 minutes to clean a room and then let the result stand. Give yourself two hours to write the report and then let that be good enough. Forcing yourself to live with what was accomplished in your time limit will help you implement the 80/20 rule and overcome your perfectionist tendencies.

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Wishful Thinking

by Stephen Mills April 23, 2010
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You can find freedom in an unfree world or you can continue to try and change everyone else. You can waste years nagging your partner to be different than they are and make both of you miserable, or you can accept what is and move on. You can prosper in a bad economy or you can wait for a good economy (and still not prosper). You can find happiness without stuff or you can try to buy your way to nirvana. You can bitch about what other people do or you can control what you do.

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You Can Do as Much as You Think You Can

by Stephen Mills April 21, 2010

You can do as much as you think you can, But you’ll never accomplish more. If you’re afraid of yourself, young man There’s little for you in store. For failure comes from the inside first, It’s there if you only knew it. And you can win, though you face the worst, If you feel you’re […]

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Put Down Those Rocks

by Stephen Mills April 14, 2010
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A metaphor that really helps me is that of picking up and putting down rocks. I don’t know where I first heard this, but it really helps when I visualize something physical like a rock. It makes the letting go seem real; you are putting down a rock and your load instantly seems lighter.

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How To Be More Decisive

by Stephen Mills April 10, 2010
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A decisive person understands all this and takes charge making most decisions quickly and with clarity. A decisive person understands the difference between decisions that really make a difference and those that don’t. A decisive person has a lot more time for the important things in their lives and a lot more peace of mind.

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Why You Should Be More Decisive

by Stephen Mills April 8, 2010
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Teenagers used to have to be responsible (at least to some degree) and make some decisions for themselves. Now they have to call mommy on their cell phone and get permission or advice for everything. Employees who used to be responsible for decisions, now have to run it by their boss or their colleagues. They have to do this 24 hours a day via technology like email or cell phones, even when they or their boss is on vacation. Couples who used to make independent decisions now email, text, or call each other to discuss trivial decisions. Don’t say it isn’t so because I can hear it going on around me all the time. We are all talking to everyone about everything. Individual decision making and decisiveness have taken a big hit.

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Going Gaga Over Gurus

by Stephen Mills April 2, 2010

If you want to know what works for self improvement, it’s not complicated. You want to change, you are motivated to change, you commit to change, and you actually do something to change. What exactly you do is not as important. That’s my opinion anyway.

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