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October 2009

On Becoming Great

by Stephen Mills October 31, 2009
Nobel Prize Medal

In the last several years something called deliberate practice has gotten a lot of press. To me this is all a good news / bad news / good news story. The good news is that with enough deliberate practice, anyone of normal ability may be able to become world-class in their chosen field. The bad news is that it takes 10,000 hours or more of the right kind of practice. The good news is that with the right kind of practice you can start improving right away. You don’t have to wait to become world-class to see the benefits.

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Some Books You Might Enjoy

by Stephen Mills October 29, 2009

I thought I would list some of the books I’ve read recently and found interesting or enjoyable recently.  I won’t write a lot about them because they are Amazon links that you can follow and get a lot more information than I can provide here. Heart Warming I love animals and this book just made […]

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7 Simple Principles for Living the Good Life

by Stephen Mills October 26, 2009
Seven Principles

I don’t claim these 7 simple principles are the principles for living the good life. There are others that I reluctantly left out, but I chose these because they are simple and easy to understand.

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Irrational Decisions – Anchoring and Arbitrary Coherence

by Stephen Mills October 22, 2009

Professor Ariely describes some experiments which demonstrated something he calls “arbitrary coherence”. Basically it means that once you contemplate a decision or actually make a decision, it will heavily influence your subsequent decisions. That’s the coherence part. Your brain will try to keep your decisions consistent with previous decisions you have made. I’ve read about that many times before, but what was surprising in this book was the the “arbitrary” part. The initial anchoring factor can be totally arbitrary, but it will still heavily influence your subsequent decisions.

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Choose to be a Player

by Stephen Mills October 20, 2009
Michael Jordon

Players bring joy, energy, and passion to the game of life. Players derive meaning and joy from their contributions. Players have a voice. They speak up and influence the cultures in which they live and work. Players take a stand, join the dialogue, and shape the debate.

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Irrational Decisions – Relativity

by Stephen Mills October 18, 2009

We humans seem to make choices by comparison shopping. We have a hard time choosing between dissimilar alternatives, but throw in something to compare one of the choices with, and all of a sudden the decision becomes easy. Watch out for this one because it affects your purchasing decisions!

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Helping Others While Helping Yourself

by Stephen Mills October 15, 2009
Helping Others

What if everyone took care of themselves to the extent possible while acting in a generally kind and helpful way toward every ones else, including the other creatures of the earth? What if we treated ourselves and each other as individuals each with a right and a basic need to pursue our own interests without trampling on one another? What a wonderful world it might be.

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Stop Learning to be Helpless

by Stephen Mills October 13, 2009

Research has shown that it is fairly easy for most of us to learn to become helpless. When we fail to achieve results we will often give up trying and what is worse we can generalize our failures to other similar types of situations. We basically learn to believe we are helpless victims of our circumstances. You are likely to not even be aware of this effect.

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Top 10 Ways To Clear Your Mind Clutter

by Stephen Mills October 10, 2009

Meditate – There is probably no better way to clear the clutter from your mind than meditating.  Try more extended meditation once a day, but you can meditate for short periods of time in a quite place at work if you need to.  Try five minutes in a small conference room. Breathe – So very […]

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Peak-End Experiences Matter Most

by Stephen Mills October 5, 2009
Happy Ending

Here’s an interesting fact of human psychology. It seems it doesn’t matter how long an experience, good or bad, lasts. What matters is the intensity (not length) of the peak highs, lows, and ending. That’s how we remember experiences You can use this wonderful fact to your great advantage by manipulating the ending of your experiences.

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