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September 2009

Finding Meaning and Happiness in Your Work

by Stephen Mills September 28, 2009
Cubicle Fun

One of the best ways to find some personal meaning and happiness in your job is to use it as an opportunity to improve yourself. Personal growth is one of the best ways to do something rewarding and meaningful, for at least one person – you. You can make your work the education and practice ground for creating a better you. What a fantastic way to approach any job! Just make your own personal growth become your doing what you love.

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Basic Principles of Living By Larry Winget

by Stephen Mills September 27, 2009
Larry Winget

Sometimes just a few words say about all that needs to be said: Your life is your own damn fault. Take responsibility for it. Learn what you need to do to fix it. Take action on what you’ve learned. Enjoy the results. — Larry Winget What do you think? Leave a comment below. Get Free […]

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How to Create Happiness Enhancing Goals

by Stephen Mills September 23, 2009

Having the right kind of goals is a proven and powerful way to help you find the happiness that you seek. It’s the journey and not the destination. You need goals to provide you [More…] direction, not to provide you with the fruits of their achievement. What you are looking for are goals that enhance the experience of the present and not goals that give you some end-state that you think is going to make you happy when you arrive at the destination.

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The Circumstances of Happiness

by Stephen Mills September 21, 2009
Gold Bars

Science has pretty much established that your circumstances are not very relevant to your happiness. The impact is not zero, but decades of research have shown that only about 10% of your happiness level is determined by external circumstances.

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Is It Time for a Quantum Leap?

by Stephen Mills September 19, 2009
Quantum Leap

Quantum leaps are possible in many areas of our lives, but we won’t experience them as long as we stay stuck in our familiar comfort zones. A quantum leap does not occur when you are tweaking or pushing harder. They occur when you back off and open your mind to completely new possibilities. Quantum leaps are risky and scary. You must leave your familiar zone and try something so dramatically different that you create new boundaries.

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Trying Harder Isn’t Always The Answer

by Stephen Mills September 17, 2009

Why doesn’t the fly try another approach, something dramatically different? How did it get so locked in on the idea that this particular route, and determined effort, offer the most promise for success? What logic is there in continuing, until death, to seek a breakthrough with ‘more of the same’?

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You Cannot Choose the Wrong Path

by Stephen Mills September 14, 2009
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In a broad range of adult choices under the right conditions, when you come to a point where you make a decision to take one path vs. another, I’m suggesting that there is no wrong choice. When you are deciding whether or not to change careers, whether to continue a relationship or start a new one, whether to start a business, retire, take up a new hobby, become a world-traveler, or a million other choices; whatever you choose is not wrong, even in hindsight.

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The Power of Small Things

by Stephen Mills September 13, 2009

“I am done with great things and big things, great institutions and big success, and I am for those tiny, invisible molecular moral forces that work from individual to individual, creeping through the crannies of the world like so many rootlets, or like the capillary oozing of water, yet which if you give them time, will rend the hardest monuments of man’s pride.” –William James

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How To Be Free, Happy, and Successful – Part I

by Stephen Mills September 9, 2009

This article contains a collection of bits of wisdom on freedom, happiness, success, and a few other topics. Be Extraordinary Being extraordinary is something that anyone can do no matter what it is you do.  You don’t have to be in any particular job or circumstance to be extraordinary and make a difference in your […]

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Are You Planting Seeds or Harvesting?

by Stephen Mills September 6, 2009
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You can write something timeless or you can watch the latest celebrity gossip. You can invest in a quality relationship or you can play endless hours of video games. You can brighten someone’s day with a small act of kindness or you can bitch and complain your way into your grave. You can create or you can waste.

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