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January 2009

Doing What Matters to You Now

by Stephen Mills January 31, 2009
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I read a great article today that ended with the following quote: Because while you might not have only 6 months to live, I’m here to break the news to you: you really do only have a short time to live. Whether that’s 6 months, 6 years or 60 … it’s but the blink of […]

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Choice Makes You Unhappy

by Stephen Mills January 29, 2009
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Don’t you absolutely love those moments when the light bulb comes on and something fairly profound hits you like a ton of bricks?  That happened to me tonight.  I’ve been doing a lot the last couple of weeks but I feel like I have been spinning my wheels to a large extent.  My head is […]

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Optimal Sleep – How to Get it Every Night

by Stephen Mills January 29, 2009
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In our modern chaotic and rat race world, we are no longer sleeping in a naturally healthy manner.  Sleep deprivation is widespread and the effects of sleep deprivation are alarming.  Read this for some good information on what happens when you don’t get enough sleep. Why do we need optimal sleep? What does sleep have […]

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What is the ONE THING in Your Life?

by Stephen Mills January 29, 2009

I intend to write a series of articles on discovering your core needs, but today I ran across a beautiful article on the same topic.  So this is just a very strong recommendation to follow the link and read this article. Once you have found what your One Thing is, you can use it to […]

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The Power of Less – By Leo Babauta

by Stephen Mills January 28, 2009

I started reading Leo’s blog some time ago and I thought it was incredible.  While the jury is still out, I believe that Leo’s ideas are going to be life changing for me.  Leo’s has as written a book: Power of Less, The: The Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essential…in Business and in […]

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Getting Your Important Things Done

by Stephen Mills January 26, 2009

However a much more powerful approach is to get the important things done. Ultimately when you combine the two approaches you are going to be able to get more of the important things done in less time than you previously spent getting anything done.

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How to Work Less and Do More – Stop Multitasking

by Stephen Mills January 24, 2009

Numerous studies have shown that multitasking is inefficient and will result in getting less done. This is especially true for complex tasks.

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Escape the Rat Race by Reducing Your Commitments

by Stephen Mills January 23, 2009

Another important way to make time for your dreams is to reduce your commitments.  You don’t have to eliminate them and you can still volunteer, help, contribute, or whatever you want.  The important point is don’t be committed to do so. You can help with your daughter’s soccer team but don’t commit to be a […]

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How to Follow Your Dreams by Making Time for Them

by Stephen Mills January 21, 2009

You cannot possibly escape the rat race and follow your dreams, unless you make time available to actually do those things necessary to achieve your dream life.  This seems obvious, but most people are so busy running the rat race that they don’t have time to even think about how to do anything else.  I […]

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Rat Race Definition

by Stephen Mills January 19, 2009

From Wikipedia: A rat race is a term used for an endless, self-defeating or pointless pursuit. It conjures up the image of the futile efforts of a lab rat trying to escape whilst running around a maze or in a wheel. In an analogy to the modern city, many rats in a single maze run […]

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